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Rune Consciousness Power

Rune Consciousness Power

What is Rune Consciousness power? Let us first start by defining each of the terms.

Runes are keys to the universal creative energies. Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in an infinite ocean of thinking intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. This tells us that everything is energy.

I always like to include the Creator God in my writings. To me the Quantum Ocean is the Mind of the Creator God.

The runes, as individual pockets of Quanta or energy exist in the Quantum Ocean. Each rune represents a different modulated energy of the totality of all the runic energy.

FA represents the energy of wealth. UR the energy of health and THORN is the energy of protection.

We can contact these Runic Energies in the Quantum Ocean and attract them into our life through our aura. What ever energies we carry in our Auric field attract their physical counter part into our lives.

Attract FA energy and you will attract the physical representative of the word Money!

Attract UR energies and you will attract healing energies into your Aura.

Attract ThORN energies and you will attract protective energies around yourself.

How does this work? Let us take an example and use the FA Rune. By meditating on the FA Rune you will attract the wealth energy out of the Quantum Ocean into your Aura.

Now a pot of Gold will not magically appear on your doorstep. It doesn't work that way. The FA energy in your Aura will increase the probability and possibility of wealth coming to you.

It will show up in your life through people, places and events that make up your life. The more people who feel your FA energy emanating from your Aura the quicker and greater will be the wealth you attract.

Now what is Consciousness? Consciousness is the field of activity that a person is aware of. It is actually how far from your physical body your Aura exists. Most people have an Aura that is tight fitting, like a pair of panty hose.

The more you meditate on the Rune FA the wider your Aura becomes. Meditation is one of the best ways to increase your Aura. By constant and daily practice of Rune FA meditations your Aura will grow.

Soon it will be 3 feet from your body. Soon 10 feet. There is no limit to how far from your body your Aura can project.

If your Aura could be expanded to include your neighborhood that would mean that people and places in your neighborhood would respond to your Rune FA wealth energies.

Just think how continuous meditation the Rune FA would expand the influence area of your Aura to eventually include your whole “State.”

You would have a much larger playing field where people, places and events would help you create your wealth.

How about expanding it to include the whole planet?

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