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How To Become A Rune Spirit Warrior

How to Become a


I get many requests asking me about how to become a Rune Spirit Warrior.

Before I explain how, I must say that it takes a special type of person to become a Rune Spirit Warrior. It takes one who can think outside the box of the average person.

Thinking, “outside of the box,” is a term being used by those who understand that man kind has entered a New Age and we have a new set of laws and rules to guide our lives.

The New Age is called the Age of Aquarius and the new paradigm is called the Laws of Quantum Physics. We, as a race of people living on the planet Earth, are now living in an entirely new place in the Galaxy. Our whole Solar System has rotated thirty degrees around our Galactic Sun. We call this thirty degree movement “Ages” and they Last for about 2000 years. The ancients called it the Precession of the Equinox.

The last great Age, was called the Age of Pisces and Christianity has ruled for the past 2000 years. It was a time for religious rule.

Now and the next 2000 year, the mind of man will do the ruling. It is the Age of the Mind, not the Emotions.

Our Runes and Northern Pantheon of Gods/Goddesses exists. They have always existed. But now we must bring them into the Age of Aquarius. We can do this as a Rune Spirit Warrior and by using our minds instead of our physical muscles.

We must update our rituals, our rune works and our thoughts. We can now learn how to do this while sitting comfortably and alone in our favorite easy chair.

We do not have to go to the to the woods any more (unless we want to) and practice blots and rituals. We do not need Asatru Godie's to tell us what to do. The age of having to use intermediaries between ourselves and our god force is past. This is the Age of “I Know.”

This new age has placed in our hands the power to create our own Rune Reality and the power to bring our Gods/Goddesses forth into the 21st Century.

We can do this all from the mental plane of existence. Not only has our Solar System and planet moved into a new plane of existence around our Galactic Sun, but the fight for the survival of our European Ancestral Soul has moved to the mental plane of existence.

No longer can we battle with those who would destroy our culture, our ancestors and a our Northern Heritage, with swords and axes, we must do it with our minds.

They are using their minds through the controlling device of TV, Cell Towers, public school systems and the media, to destroy the minds of our children and grand children by eliminating all traces of their culture and replacing it with other cultures.

Now we have a mental weapon to use. Not to destroy or eliminate other cultures but to fight to keep ours from becoming extinct and distinct.

This weapon is the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. Our mythology calls it Mimir's Well.

In this ocean everything that ever was, is or will be exists. There is no time there, only the Now. There is no space there, only the Here.

The Runes, our Gods/Goddesses, our culture, our Ancestral Soul all exist there. We as individual souls within the Norther Ancestral Soul live there.

Every 2000 years or so we must update and redefine our connections to the Runes and our Ancestral Soul.

The only constant in the whole Universe is Change. We must change from swords, axes and 2000 year old dogma to the new mind level existence.

We must update the language of the Eddas and our rituals into today's language. We must make it simple and understandable for everyone.

The Age of Secrets and mysteries is past. The Age of the Mind is here.

Odin did not discover the Runes. He re-discovered them. When he hung from the tree for nine icy nights and and days the entrance to Mimir's Well (Quantum Ocean) opened up to him and he reached in and grabbed the Runes.

But the Runes always existed there. They are keys to the Universal Energies of Creation. They are powerful tools that change your life in big ways.

Now is the time for you and I to once again reach into Mimir's Well and rediscover the Runes and our Ancestral Soul and bring forth shining with new light and understanding of this New Age.

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