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How To Use Quantum Physics To Build Your Sacred Space

How to Use Quantum Physics

To Build Your Own Sacred Place

Part 1

The mythologies, history, folktales of all nations have spoken about Sacred Spaces and the beings that live there.

We as a people and a race have lost our Spirituality. We have traded it for 'Civilization." We have ignored the Gods/Goddess's of our Ancestors. We have denied the existence of other types of beings besides ourselves, humans.

Not only have we stopped worshiping or even vising the Sacred Places of our Ancestors, but we have done a thorough job of destroying them. We have filled in those Sacred Spaces with concrete and blacktop. We have cut down the Sacred trees and polluted the Sacred Waters.

We have chased all the little spirit creatures both physical and non-physical away from us.

We must get our Spirituality back. We must do it one individual, one family, one neighborhood, and one small town at a time.

The Native Americans who roamed the Country from ocean to ocean had many sacred places, power places.

The evil men in our Government and in the Bureau of Indian Affairs knew what I am talking about, about the connection between an indigenous people and their Sacred Places. The unconscious Soldiers, who had lost their Spirituality blindly followed the orders of their Superiors.

Even Stonehenge and the Sacred Circle of Stones all over Europe are being desecrated by visitors with cameras and scientists with measuring devices.

The Spiritual energies of the Planet and the Spiritual Beings who inhabited these places are almost gone. That is why Darkness is descending upon us more and more.

Read Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings," Trilogy to get a better understanding of what is happening. But just as Tolkien ended his story in a victory of Light over Darkness, we can do it also. One home, one yard and one farm at a time.

We can start by making our own yard, garden or farm a Sacred Space. We can treat it like a Sacred Space. We can visualize the Spiritual beings coming back and making our personal Sacred Space their home.

It is time for each of us to become more Spiritual and less materialistic. It is time for each of us to become more cooperative and less competitive.

The net which is a great gift of the Age of Aquarius is full of information about Sacred Places and the beings who inhabit them.

Go to the net and find "Findhorn." You will see how the people in a small community worked together with nature spirits to produce huge vegetables, flowers and fruit.

We are not alone. We are not in the outer physical world we call our Galaxy nor in our inner physical world we call our mind.

The Universe both inner and outer is teeming with life. Let us contact or create Spiritual Beings who will inhabit our Sacred Space and protect us and help us.

Yes, I said create. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy, called the Quantum Ocean. It is the Mind of God. There is not time nor space there. There is only the HERE-NOW. We live, move and have our being within this Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. It responds to our thoughts.

We can better our present reality or create a new one with our thoughts.

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

By thinking about the beings in the Quantum Ocean and your Sacred Space you can attract them.

There are Norse Vaettir, Wights, Alfar (Elves), Dverger (Dwarves), Jotnar (Giants) and the Gods and Goddess's, the Aesir and Vanir.

There are Angels and Archangels, Undines, Slyphs, Salamanders, Wee people, Gnomes, Fairies, Fey etc.

Go to the net and research the spiritual beings. Select the ones you like and attract them into your Sacred Space.

In Part 2 of this article I will set out detailed instructions on how to set up a simple Sacred Space of your own.

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