Sunday, April 19, 2009

Runes + Vril Energy = Balder's Rising


Very inter string subject. The Age of Aquarius has given is the Laws of Quantum Physics ad our new working paradigm.

These laws tell us that everything that ever was or will be exists in an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum ocean.

The laws of Quantum Physics also give us the power and the ability to reach into the quantum ocean and pull out our gods/goddesses and the runes. We can dust them off and present them to the world in a new way.

Robert Blumentti, a rune master for 30 years, has done just that. He has combined the ancient power of Vril (life Force) with the runes.

You can check out hos website by clicking on the link below.

The gods/goddesses as well as the runes dwell within us. So does their power. We have the ability to tap into that power. This power is the Life-Force of the gods/goddesses. We can use it.

The Life Force of the Gods is known as VRIL.

According to Bob Blumentti Balder is Rising. The time for the return of the Norse Gods/goddesses as well as the runes is at hand.

The dawning of the new age which coincides with the Age of Aquarius is called “The Age of Gimli” bu bob.

There is a strong reversal in the interest of the faith and religion of our ancestors, It is growing. More and more we see that the myths and the folk customs of our ancestors contain living truths that we can live by in this age.

There is a force deep within the Ancestral Soul of the Northern European people calling back the Norse Germanic Gods/goddesses and the runes.

For years Bob Blumentti has sought the answers to his questions through ceremonial and individual meditation on the runes and the gods.

He has a new understanding of the old myths, the runes and the gods/goddesses. He presents it to use in a modern understanding.

The runes are powers. Vril is an ancient power. Time to combine them both.

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