Monday, March 15, 2010

Odin and His Runes Still Live As Powerful As Ever


The new age of Aquarius with ts new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics has blown the cover off the box of mythology.

These laws tell us that the runes, Odin and the Norse God/Goddesses exist now and have always existed.

They also tell us through the Laws of Resonant Frequencies that Odin's rune “OS” and Odin himself are inseparably connected.

When you meditate or do a ritual to Odin you automatically attract the Rune energy “OS”, the energy of Wisdom.

When you meditate or do a Rune “OS” ritual you automatically attract Odin.

Now that the Law's of Quantum Physics have proven that the runes and Norse mythology still exist and are still powerful lets use them to strengthen our ancestral soul.

What do you know personally about Odin?

The records of Norse Mythology are contained in the EDDA'S, dating back to 1056.

Asgard is where the Gods live, protected by the Rainbow Bridge, “Bifrost.”

Asgard has beautiful gardens and silver palaces. The most beautiful is Valhalla, where Odin the All-Father still lives.

From his throne he overlooks heaven and earth. On his shoulders are his ravens; Huggin (memory) and Munnin (reflection).

Everyday they fly around the world and report back to Odin in the evening.

At Odin's feet lie his two wolves; Geri and Freki.

Odin invented the art of poetry and history called the Sagas.

He is the God of Wisdom. He sacrificed one of his eyes at Mimir's Well to receive wisdom.

He has a small army of Valkyries, warlike maidens. They are mounted on horses and armed with helmets, shields and spears.

The visit every battlefield and choose the bravest slain warriors. They are called “choosers of the slain.”

They bring these “heroes” back to Valhalla. Odin will march forward with them at Ragnarok to fight evil.

Odin has two sons. Thor is strength and Balder is beauty.

Odin, Thor and Balder represent wisdom, strength and beauty. These traits are the foundation of the children of the North.

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