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Rune Secrets You Need A Vision

Rune Secrets Visions

As a 21st Century Rune Master, the task I have in front of me seems very difficult. My Rune Master told me that unless I can explain something in my own words, I don't know what I am talking about. That is what I am trying to do. This is what each one of us should do. Explain to ourselves what the Runes are, what the Gods/Goddesses of the North are. What is the Nordic/Germanic Ancestral soul?

At the same time we must all bring the runes, Gods/Goddesses, culture, and Ancestral soul out of the past and into the present.

No longer can we be content with the outdated ritual, explanations, stories etc. of our ancestors and culture. We cannot continue to use outdated rituals and information. That has been hashed and rehashed over and over. How can we know that what was written today was what was said 1000 years ago? We cannot keep going back to the past through today's writings.

We must learn the secrets of the Runes for ourselves and create new visions for them.

Runes are the most powerful Creative energies available to anyone on the planet.

Most of the Runic Visions we conjure up are from the past, the Viking age of blood and thunder.

Where are the Rune visions we can use in the Now or better still the Rune Secrets that will help us create visions for our future.

The New Age of Aquarius (new place in Galactic Space) has given us a new paradigm to work with, the Laws of Quantum Physics.

These Laws tell us all is energy and they also explain some of the errors about how humanity understands our physical Universe. Some of these errors have been deliberately placed in our lives as out right lies to keep us from knowing the truth. Some are there because, in the scheme of the overall Universe and Creation in general, we are still a young race with much to learn and understand.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean, The Mind of the Creator God.

Within the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God exists divine blueprints for all physical manifestations on our planets. There is a separate divine blueprint for each of the cultures of the races.

What has this to do with Rune Secret Visions? We must understand all the parts of the whole. Before we can understand the parts themselves.

What the powers of this politically correct society are trying to do is eliminate all the boundaries for the individual divine blueprints and make just one blueprint that is not Divine but Man made.

We as Northern European people have one of the most powerful set of creative tools on the Planet, the runes. And the Secret of these powerful runes is that we can create with them and use them for protection.

As part of your Rune Secret vision meditation start to visualize the divine blueprints that exist in the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God, See how they are seemingly separate and distinct. .

Choose the divine blueprint called the Northern European Culture and start to strengthen it. If you visualize this separate entity as a sphere in the Quantum Ocean then start to mentally build runic rings around it. Use all 18 runes. Especially the three rings. Rings of invincibility, invulnerability, and protection.

The strength and protection of our divine blueprint on the inner planes of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God will insure our protection on the outer planes, the planet Earth.

We must learn to build like the Creator God does, from the inner to the outer, if we are to survive as an independent culture. Without a vision Man is lost. Without a vision our culture as a Northern European will be lost in the void.

Use the Rune Secrets to create visions of strength for our future.

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